Professional acupuncture treatments for a variety of symptoms and ailments

Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture treatments to nourish and revitalise your skin the natural way


Reiki treatments for deep stress release, healing and emotional re-balancing

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“My facial acupuncture treatment was relaxing and I noticed the difference straight away. Quyen was caring, professional and informative and told me what she was doing all the way through”
Jane Hawett - Pinner

“First time having acupuncture, was made to feel very relaxed and calm, Quyen used a gentle touch and overall was a very good experience. She is very knowledgable and informative and I would recommended”
Ryaan Faruqi - Pinner

Acupuncture – The Natural Pathway To Good Health

Vector Chinese Carp Ink Painting, Translation of Calligraphy: AbImprove the quality of you life and health the natural way. Use your own body’s energy to keep you healthy and balanced.

I use a skilful and gentle combination of Acupuncture, moxibustion and Tui Na (Acupressure massage) to build personal strength, increase energy, restore balance and improve health.

I can help with a variety of health conditions, please feel free to contact me to discuss your individual situation, I am happy to speak with you.

I also practice cosmetic acupuncture to give a rejuvenated and youthful look to the facial skin and muscles.

Quyen Tran Acupuncture

The Natural Way to Good Health…


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